PR Premium set
(Growth oriented):

KPI distribution:
  • 2-3 unique company features
  • 1-2 podcasts/webinars/TV shows/interview
  • 3-4 analytical/expert comments
  • 2-3 opinion columns

10 unique mentions per month (organic coverage) in global, crypto, financial and fintech media.

What our team will do for you:
  • Five people will work on your project: copywriters, analysts, PR managers, social media specialists as well as a regular assistant available 24/7
  • Guaranteed publication of one piece (press release) in over 100 publications, via wire platforms
  • Prepare all materials: press releases, news, expert opinions, interviews, analytical forecasts and more
  • Suggestions for events to visit
  • Synchronize daily tasks and actions, weekly calls with the team
  • Monthly reports for the company on the work carried out