When Expertise Combines: Leveraging PR to Become Established as an Industry Expert

Becoming a trusted and authoritative voice in an industry is often a key objective for a company’s PR strategy.

It is usually executed by the promotion of a key individual or individuals from the company as an expert spokesperson, delivering insights via media channels and public events. When allied with the expertise of a skilled PR agency, the message can be aided via further crafting, help with distribution and continuous shaping over time.

Expertise can aid the building of a positive brand image, fostering credibility. The company’s expert representative can become an influential voice, even a thought leader, within the industry. The success of this tactic relies on its alignment with the overall PR strategy and the ability to consistently deliver valuable insights and perspectives.

Why it’s useful to be seen as an expert

As technology-related industries thrive on innovation and deal with great complexities, expertise is naturally a valued quality. In such rapidly evolving areas as web3, DeFi and fintech, knowledgeable communicators and seasoned trailblazers become lightning rods for attention.

Trust and engagement are fostered by those companies and projects led by experts who demonstrate a deep understanding of the industry. Industry participants must navigate intricate technicalities, regulatory landscapes, and emerging trends, making specialized knowledge indispensable.

As expertise is such a valued commodity, it also gains exposure in the public conversation. Expertise therefore propels visibility for the expert and brand in question. It’s rarely too soon to promote a brand’s association with expertise. For example, at the funding stage, demonstrating knowledge and expertise is vital in instilling confidence in investors.

How public expertise is established

Providing expert commentary is a compelling way to engage journalists and capture their attention, leading to inclusion in articles in the form of quotes, and sometimes even via entire feature articles specifically focused on the company. Even without direct journalistic engagement, expert commentary can also be published by the company’s owned channels, such as its social media and website.

In PR campaigns, leveraging expert commentary involves strategic planning, particularly through planned reactives. These are responses crafted in advance to align with specific events or occasions, enhancing the effectiveness of a company’s expert contributions.

Expert commentary can be prepared that ties into the themes of particular awareness days. The timely release of commentary enhances the likelihood of media pickup, as journalists often seek expert opinions on these occasions. Another channel for such planned reactives includes upcoming industry events, conferences, and significant milestones. Planning commentary in advance enables its effective distribution before, during, or after the event to capitalize on heightened industry attention.

Once such expert commentary and thought leadership reaches industry media, it can remain online in perpetuity, positively impacting SEO by signaling brand prominence and authority. When expertise becomes accepted, industry journalists are naturally more likely to return for further commentary in the future.

How expert PR makes it happen

PR agencies serve as communications architects, crafting and maintaining a compelling narrative. PR professionals are masters at communicating complex concepts in a way that resonates with both technical and non-technical audiences. Clear, informed communication helps demystify the intricacies of these sectors, making messaging more accessible and compelling.

PR professionals help to produce engaging content, including press releases, articles, and blog posts. This content is optimized for search engines, enhancing online visibility. They curate compelling narratives around clients and ensure consistent messaging across platforms. PR agencies manage social profiles, engage with the audience, and disseminate relevant information, fostering a dynamic online presence. PR agencies also facilitate participation in industry events, webinars, and podcasts, positioning clients at the forefront of technological advancements.

Such agencies also understand not just the target audience but how to engage with media professionals, improving the chances of becoming trusted go-to sources for stories. Responding to media requests with expert insights helps establish the brand as a knowledgeable authority. Building a bank of expert comments over time allows for efficient and effective responses to requests, fostering fertile ongoing relationships.

Expert PR can also play a pivotal role in helping companies stay informed and strategically navigate industry trends, delivering a competitive edge. One need only look to Tesla for an example of this. CEO Elon Musk is a master of leveraging expert PR. Through strategic communication and thought leadership, Musk positions Tesla at the forefront of electric vehicle technology. Long before Tesla, Apple was doing similarly. Through carefully crafted keynotes and media engagements, Apple navigates the technology landscape and maintains its position as an industry trendsetter.

Expert PR not only helps companies stay informed about industry trends but also empowers them to strategically position themselves in a dynamic business environment. Newsjacking is one such strategy that PR companies use for their clients. This involves inserting the company into key news stories of the day, boosting visibility and winning useful associations.

One such association is simply with current events, presenting the company as a proactive and engaged contributor to industry conversations. Participating in such discussions is a powerful means of positioning clients as thought leaders. PR companies often use newsjacking on social media platforms, leveraging trending hashtags and discussions. PR teams may also create impactful newsjacking content via press releases and articles.

Analysis and assessment

Leading PR agencies use the latest techniques to play a powerful role in the analysis of both ongoing and completed campaigns.

Continuous monitoring of online mentions and sentiment allows PR agencies to adapt strategies in real time. Data-driven decision-making and real-time analytics have become a commonplace for top agencies. These innovations facilitate a feedback loop, enabling greater precision and significant ROI improvement for clients.

Social media has emerged as a main channel for PR messaging and monitoring. Social listening tools, influencer collaborations, and customized analytics enable PR pros to connect with diverse audiences and capitalize in the social landscape. Artificial Intelligence is further enhancing such areas as sentiment analysis and media tracking.

It’s clear that industry expertise married to PR expertise creates a powerful synergy that helps build brand recognition, credibility and success.

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