How Do I Launch a Successful PR Campaign?

Launching a successful crypto public relations campaign can be a real game-changer for any business - new or established in the sphere. For big, small, medium, or growing businesses, PR and marketing will bring you closer to some of the big names within the industry.

Being creative, newsworthy, and hot are just some of the keys to success in public relations messaging. Any PR campaign can make or break a company’s image, so first impressions matter and leaving a long-lasting one is incredibly important.

Here are ten solid tips from Valeriya Minaeva and Victoria Grigoryants, founders of PR agency VComms working with crypto and fintech companies on how to be effective in boosting crypto-related or traditional public relations campaigns, achieving great results.

They can be applied to crypto-related campaigns but should be in the minds of anyone working within the public relations field.

Always be on Target
Crypto enthusiasts have a saying, “Do Your Own Research” (DYOR).

This rule applies not only to crypto trading but for public relations as well.

Whenever you reach out to a journalist to pitch your press release, make sure that they have written about similar topics and that it fits in with their area of expertise.

If the journalist for example has a history of writing about crypto streaming, and that’s a service your client is offering there’s a higher chance the story will be picked up.

Moreover, personalizing the media pitch with something the journalist has been quoted as saying, or tweeted, may significantly increase the chances of it being picked up.

Rapport Matters
It’s often a good idea to build relationships with journalists by subscribing to their social media, Twitter being the best choice.

Chat with them about similar interests and make real human connections by getting to know what exactly they are feeling about the crypto industry and what interests them the most about this sphere.

Be transparent— by linking to their previous stories in your pitch will show that you’re interested in them. Always remember how spammed their inboxes can get, and make sure to send timely emails with enough notice for them to process your press release.

Make your email stand out from thousands of other pitches. Create stories - come up with a brand-related storyline that will be more than just press releases, and rather will convey brand-related values and make the company distinct from many others.

Know Your Audience
People working in different industries choose specific media. For example, CoinDesk will be of more interest for traders, Bloomberg for people interested in finance or investments, and HackerNoon for technologists.

Therefore, you always need to carefully select the medium that you would like your press release to appear in. Moreover, choose the language and the tone of voice that your audience will prefer.

Include a Call to Action (CTA)
In your media pitch make sure that you ask the journalist to act on what you shared; it could range from asking them to review additional information and the press release, to requesting the written confirmation that they accept the embargo to share your article.

The world of crypto moves fast so make sure they act on it quickly.

Make the Title of the Press Release Sexy
The headline of your press release is the first thing people will see, it’s the glowing smile that will engage journalists and the public in your product. Play around with the title and subtitle so it grabs attention at first sight.

What’s the one crypto-related hook that is going to grab a technologist’s attention most?

Remember that in today’s fast-paced world attention spans are dwindling by the day, a solid headline and engaging first sentence need to hook people in from the very beginning.

Ignorance is Never Bliss
Being well-informed about your product and the sphere that you’re working in is incredibly important.

Read the news daily, subscribe to your competitor’s social media to keep in touch with what they’re doing and make sure that you’re filling your head with all the latest developments in the industry.

Remember that crypto is highly volatile so being well informed can make or break a release. If you’re not first, you’re last.

Dive Deep Into Your Client’s Project
Take some time to fully understand your client’s product and the core technology and USP of service.

Why not try out the service that you’re promoting? If you yourself believe in the product it will help you when promoting it.

If you understand that there are some improvements to be made, you can tailor your press release accordingly. Having a firsthand understanding of how this product or service is going to benefit the crypto industry, will help you when it comes to promoting it.

Ask Yourself: “Why This is Important?”
Why should anybody care about this product? It’s one of the best questions you can ask yourself when promoting a crypto solution.

Identify a problem in the sphere and address how your product solves it, creating value.

You’re Not Shakespeare, Get to the Point
When writing a press release there’s no need to get too into it all. University is over and you’re not chasing a word count, get to the point.

Keep your press release short but informative and understand that you haven’t got the journalist’s attention yet.

Value their time by giving them the meat now and the details later. And be sure to list how exactly this makes the crypto industry better.

The people who have created the product know it better and believe in it more than anybody else.

So why not utilize that? Sprinkling in a few engaging quotes makes the press release look a whole lot more exclusive and vivid and will directly portray exactly what the business wants to put out in the atmosphere.

Ask the CEO what makes their product so special, they will absolutely be chomping at the bit to tell you and you will get one hell of a quote to spice things up a bit.

Creating a quality public relations campaign takes a lot of hard work, study and commitment on your part. If done correctly, it can absolutely change the projection of a business, and is often the fine line between success and failure.

PR campaigns are long-term investments into a company’s reputation, and if the business is new first impressions matter.

So be sure to take the time to fine-tune every aspect of your public relations operation. All businesses are different, but glancing at these 10 tips will be sure to give you a solid foundation when plotting your next cryptocurrency PR campaign.